Woodruff County

White Oak Recreational Land Development is in the process of developing White Oaks Duck Woods, a premier duck hunting destination located in Woodruff County, Arkansas. White Oaks Duck Woods is ideally situated between the White River and Taylor Bay and within minutes of several popular WMAs and NWRs. Consisting of 2,375-acres of seasonably flooded mature hardwood timber and moist soil units, White Oaks Duck Woods is ideally suited to attract and hold hundreds of thousands of wintering waterfowl. White Oaks Recreational Land Development is in the process of designing, permitting and building the levees, water control structures and water relift systems needed to construct a 1500 acre floodable, controllable green tree reservoir. Once completed in the summer of 2015, White Oaks Duck Woods will be the largest privately held controllable, floodable green tree reservoir in the state. When combined with over 400 acres of ideal waterfowl habitat in the form of food plots and rest areas, this will be among the elite duck hunting destinations in Arkansas and the world. White Oaks Duck Woods already provides world-class duck and deer hunting. Once this groundbreaking conservation and restoration project is complete tens of thousands of wintering waterfowl will call White Oaks Duck Woods “home” throughout late fall and winter.

For more information about this exciting project, please contact Jeff Farmer at Jeff@whiteoakdevelopment.net.

Project Address Augusta, AR 72006


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